Polish Aluminium Centre

PCA associates about 60 economic entities representing the aluminium industrial enterprises operating in the territory of Poland.
  • in particular, it unites the following industrial enterprises:
  • plants responsible for aluminium recycling,
  • manufacturers of aluminium alloys,
  • foundries making shape casts,
  • foundries making ingots,
  • processing plants-extrusion shops, rolling mills and forging plants,
  • R&D centers,
  • other plants co-operating with aluminium sector.
The main objectives of Polish Aluminium Centre are:
  • efficient representation of Polish Aluminium Centre members in the process of Polish business and economic legislation and its harmonization with the European Union Law,
  • research and application of their results to new and advanced technologies and new materials, which are economically effective and meet the requirements of environmental protection,
  • activity, in cooperation with local self-government, focused on the balanced development of small and medium business enterprises, with particular consideration on underdeveloped areas suffering structural unemployment,
  • integration of Polish Aluminium Centre with similar organizations, operating in European Union and with aspiring countries by means of the joint projects carried out under the 6-th Framework Programme,
  • help in conducting of research and development projects e.g. the CRAFT, COLLECTIVE RESEARCH,
  • implementation of management systems, which support development, innovativeness and competitiveness of products meeting world-wide standards,
  • organization of Conferences, workshops and professional training